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Richmond, Virginia’s Rockwood Nature Center

Richmond, Virginia’s Rockwood Nature Center is a hub of natural beauty and exploration located in the Varina District of Henrico County. Boasting over 560 acres of some of the area’s best natural resources, Rockwood Nature Center offers its visitors a destination to learn and grow in nature. Founded in 1971, Rockwood Nature Center has continually adapted and evolved over the years, looking to reach new heights in education and environmental understanding. Learn information about Richmond, VA.

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At its heart, Rockwood Nature Center is a physical tribute to nature and its many wonders. With rolling hills, wetlands, forests, meadows, ponds, and rivers, visitors can take their pick in exploring one of Richmond’s greatest outdoor recreation areas. Visitors of all ages, interests, and levels of physical activity can take part in nature exploration as accessible trails, boardwalks, educational programs, and special events are offered throughout the year. For those looking to unfurl upon the great wilderness of Rockwood, visitors can hike the almost 8 miles of trails ranging from beginner to more experienced nature enthusiasts. Some of the better-known trails include the Rockwood Falls Trail, which follows the banks of the north and south branches of Breakneck Creek and also passes over Rockwood Falls itself. Another popular path is the boardwalk, which runs alongside Friendship Lake, which is known for its large population of black bass and pickerel. Discover facts about Putt-Putt Fun Center in Richmond, VA.

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